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This blog is written and managed by two people not professionally affiliated with the publishing industry — Ardis and Byron — who just have a passion for reading and discussing good books.

This blog originally arose from the Goodreads challenge. Although we were both avid readers before, we each realized that as we had gotten older we were spending more and more of our “down time” on pursuits that served to kill time, rather than on productive or enriching hobbies – like reading. With that realization, we each resolved to rededicate ourselves to reading. We would read more books, we would read good books, and we would expand our horizons with a greater variety of books than ever before. Notably, as we began to put our plan into action we found that we both enjoyed reading books soon after they were published, and consequently added that to our list of resolutions.

However, we kept running into one particular stumbling block as we searched for new and interesting books to read. We couldn’t depend on most book review sites to guide us. There are two audiences for book reviews: (1) those that have not read a book and are looking for guidance as they decide whether to read it and (2) those that have already read a book and want to hear what others thought about it. Most book reviews that we came across tried to serve both audiences simultaneously and therefore ended up serving neither – at least not very well. There would be too many spoilers for those that hadn’t read the book and only a superficial analysis for those that had. We were left pulling suggestions, then, from lists – which often provided little-to-no context or explanations for why those books appeared on those lists.

With this blog our aim is to serve both audiences separately and faithfully. For readers searching for books to read, or whether or not they’d enjoy particular book, we provide spoiler-free Reviews. When a book really warrants further discussion, we have in-depth spoiler-filled Critiques – with which we’ll attempt to explore the book in detail and engage other readers in discussions. We’ll also write other stuff – top 10 lists, articles, comparisons, whatever.

We don’t specialize in any particular genre (though we may have our favorites), and we are going to cover major award nominees, best sellers, literary fiction, science fiction, fantasy, YA, history, science, thrillers, and whatever we feel like.

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